Our Story

Montreal Jeweller Lou Goldberg

The Vest

Eric Goldberg pays homage to his father Lou, who immigrated to Canada with his parents at the age of seven. In 1946, Lou started what would become a Montreal institution, Lou Goldberg Jeweller. Lou’s first “store” was a custom-made vest that allowed him to carry precious items of jewellery in its many pockets when he called upon clients in their homes. It was the strong relationships with his customers, built over many years that gave life to his family business for over six decades. For Eric, creating, redesigning and selling jewellery just became a normal part of life.

“This is what I know, this is what I grew up watching my father do and what I have done for many years. It is a part of my DNA.”

The Ladybug

Eric’s father, Lou, wore a gold and enamel ladybug tie pin every day at work. He was even known to have some extras in his pocket so he could give them out to some of his most cherished customers.

“My dad loved his ladybug pin, it seemed fitting for it to become the symbol of Atelier Lou.”

Montreal Jeweller Eric Goldberg

Atelier Lou

It is a rare occasion that a brand can embody both experience and a desire to create something new, fresh and unique.

“Aside from building trust and relationships with our clients, being able to create the special, unique piece of jewellery that someone has always dreamed of having is Atelier Lou’s driving purpose.”