18 Karat Gold Coral Earrings with Diamond Butterflys


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The Oxford English Dictionary derives the word straightforwardly from Old English butorflēoge, butter-fly; similar names in Old Dutch and Old High German indicate that the name is ancient. One possible source of the name is the bright yellow male of the common brimstone butterfly (Gonepteryx rhamni). Another is that butterflies were on the wing in meadows during the spring and summer butter season while the grass was growing.

These earrings are hand made in Torre del Greco, Italy by de Simone Fratelli, experts in coral jewellery since 1855. The angel skin coral encircles a small diamond butterfly.

All of our natural diamonds are certified conflict free and fully comply with the Kimberley Process.

Click here for more information on the Kimberley Process: What is the Kimberley Process?